Epic Mealtime

Bacon, Funnel Cake Pizza Pie

The wife went out to dinner with friends and left me to make dinner for our three kids. What better opportunity to make something for dinner that she would never allow?

We started with two DiGiorno pizzas. One Pepperoni and one Three Meat.

pizza ready to cook

Next, we HAD to add bacon. Oscar Meyer Thick Cut!

What better way to add bacon than a bacon weave!

bacon weave1

Next, since we had this laying around we figured we'd give it a try.

funnel cake mix

Meanwhile the bacon is cookin'!

bacon weave2

So we mix up the funnel cake batter and start heating the oil.

What to do with all that bacon grease? Let's add it to the cooking oil!

bacon grease funnel cake

So with perfect grease for the funnel cake, we start that going.

funnel cake cooking1

Funnel cake coming along nicely.

funnel cake cooking2


Next the bacon weave is done!

bacon weave done

How's the pizza coming? Oops, Nathan cooked the cardboard with the pizza...  Oh well, no harm done to the pizza.

cooked cardboard

Finally, the pizza, bacon, and funnel cake are all done.

First the bacon weave goes on the Three Meat pizza.

weave on pizza

Next the funnel cake on top of the bacon!

funnel cake on pizza

Next some extra bacon. (the R is for Reddit!)

r is for reddit

Next, carefully flip the other pizza on top of the base.

pizza on top1

Another view...

pizza on top2

One more...

pizza on top3

Dinner's ready!!

dinners ready



Alex is so full, but can't stop eating..

so full

All three voted that this was the best pizza they've ever had. So with the kids full, I get to clean up the mess...

clean up time

The End. Go Bacon!