Paul J. George


Summary of Qualifications

I have been in the software engineering industry for over 23 years.I have a B.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and a Master’s Degree in Computer Systems Management from the University of Maryland. I have a security clearance. I have been in management positions for several software development projects in the past 8 years and I am well practiced in several software development methodologies.I was the lead developer for a new commercial product development effort at GTE and played a critical role in the development, rollout and support of the product.I was also closely involved in earning an SEI Level 3 rating for DynCorp IS and adhere to strict project management procedures and practices.



University of Maryland

Master’s of Science: Computer Systems Management, Fall 1998.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,

Bachelor of Science: Computer Science, Graduation: July 1990.



April, 2004 – December, 2004, Volunteer Business Partner

Prince William County Fire Department, Station 25, Bristow, VA


September, 1992 – October 1993, Volunteer EMT

Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department, Station 40, Sandy Spring, MD

Software and Hardware Experience


·MS-Internet Information Server

·Java Personal Webserver, Apache/Tomcat Webserver

· Joomla! CMS

·NetBeans IDE, Eclipse(MyEclipse) IDE

·Microsoft .NET IDE

·Oracle, SQL*Server

·MS-Office, MS-Project


Programming Languages:

·Java EE/SE, JSP, Servlets

· PHP, AJAX, JavaScript


·Microsoft .NET, ASP, VB, VB Script

·HTML, XML, CGI Scripts including Perl and Shell.


Operating Systems:

·PC: Windows, Mac, Linux

·MidRange: UNIX, SUN/Solaris



Hardware/Operating Systems:

·IBM and compatible PCs, building, upgrading and trouble-shooting PC hardware

·Windows, Macintosh

·UNIX Sun/Solaris


Relevant Training

·Software Project Management

·Peer Review Training

·Advanced JAVA Programming

·J2EE & Struts Framework

·Introduction to Oracle

·Administer the Oracle Database I and II


Work Experience

11/01/2012  -  Present  Matrix Consulting LLC, Reston, VA

I am a Sr. Software Engineer working for the U.S. Government. I use Joomla, PHP, Apache, MySQL and Linux to manage a large website for our customer.  I use web service technologies along with certificate authentication to authorize end users and to connect to external data sources to present users with a comprehensive interface to mission data.


12/01/2008 – 10/31/2012  Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, VA


I was a Sr. Software Engineer working with a government customer. I used both Groovy and Java programming languages to develop a web application using a Grails MVC framework.  The application had an Oracle 10g backend.  I was also responsible for maintaining API code that connects to, queries and maintains an LDAP directory of access controls for the application’s end users.  I was in charge of ensuring the web server and application correctly inspect the user’s PKI certificate and allow secured login through that authentication.


04/14/2008 – 11/28/2008 MicroLink LLC, Vienna, VA

Solutions Architect

I was a Solutions Architect supporting a government customer. I was part of team that supported counter intelligence and anti-terrorist activities worldwide.  My duties included developing state of the art search tools for retrieving non-standard data from text documents, and other unformatted data sources. I used the Autonomy and Verity search tools in conjunction with Java Web Services, PKI Authentication, JSP web pages and Oracle databases. I was also in charge of the team’s PKI certification and accreditation procedures for secure communication between other secure web services within the IC.


12/2004 – 04/11/2008 General Dynamics, Vienna, VA

Senior Security Engineer  - 10/2005 - 04/11/2008

I was a Sr. Security Engineer (Software Developer) supporting a government customer. Duties included requirements definition and gathering; system engineering; software design and development; and testing and documentation.I used NetBeans, MyEclispe, JSP, Java, CVS, SQL*Server and implemented the architecture within the Struts MVC framework.I was also the lead engineer on two smaller projects where I was responsible for all aspects of the software development lifecycle.For those projects, I used XML and Java with NetBeans integrated with a large MS-SQL*Server database.


Integrated Product Team Lead, Systems Engineering Lead   - 12/2004 - 10/2005

As the IPT Lead for a large government project, I was responsible for several things, including managing all the project release schedules (currently there are three separate release schedules), reporting project status to the customer Project Manager, and presenting briefings to senior level customers on project status and security related issues.Managing the project schedules requires me to meet with 11 team leads from software development and database teams to QA and testing teams.

As the Systems Engineering Lead my primary role was to manage the seven Systems Engineers on the project. I was also responsible for the engineering documents required for delivery. I also defined and documented the Schedule Management Process for the program’s ISO 9001 process requirements.I managed the security waivers for the project as well as maintained the Bill of Materials and facilitated ordering hardware and software for the project.


4/2001 – 12/2004 Computer Science Corporation, Chantilly, VA

Program Manager / Deputy Project Manager/Engineering

Since my return to DynCorp Information Systems (now Computer Science Corporation) I have supported several different efforts.My first project was a re-compete win for a website redesign for Federal Sources Inc.I was the Deputy Project Manager/Engineering (DPM/E) for the second phase of the project, which was the implementation of a customized Content Management System that included automated workflow processes designed to fit the way they did business.I was responsible for managing 7 software engineers and 1 database developer.My duties included managing the engineer’s time and tasks (using MS Project schedule as an aide), creating and presenting a weekly status report to the Project Manager (PM), meeting regularly with the customer, managing customer expectations, requirements and changes to requirements, writing and reviewing design documents, conducting code reviews with engineers and developing documentation that adheres to our in-house SEI Level 3 rating.

 I was the Program Manager for a web-based, SQL*Server database application for tracking Delegations of Authority throughout the National Institutes of Health.Development is being done using Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET environment using Visual Basic and ASP technologies.I am the sole contractor on this job, as such, I am responsible for managing the contract’s finances, schedule and the direct interface to the customer and stakeholders.I have recently extended the contract to include additional application features, training and general support.

 I have also worked as the DPM/E for the U.S. Department of Treasury/Financial Management Services Website Redesign Project.My duties include managing the schedule for 2 in-house developers and one subcontractor, for which I used MS-Project.I was also in charge of developing the SEI level 3 compliant Website Redesign and Software Architecture Plan that was delivered to the customer.

 I have also supported several other efforts including a J2EE JSP/Servlet based application developed by myself and two other team members for DOJ Community Relationship Services (CRS).My role was that of Software Lead.The servlet was developed and runs on the Oracle 9i Application Server using J2EE technology.We utilized several custom and canned Java Beans for session persistence, database access, and log writing to name a few.I am currently responsible for maintaining all the Java code and DB changes.

 I also performed other duties such as requirements analysis, trade studies, vendor evaluations, proposal preparation, and oral presentations.During my evaluations I have become familiar with several knowledge management products such as portals, content management, and collaboration tools.

 I have worked on several proposals and customer briefings during my career at DynCorp including NIH/NINDS, DOJ/CRS, Air Mobile Warfare Command, Naval Medical Information Management Center, Army Enterprise Information Management System (AEIT), USPS (ePrint), Federal Sources, Inc., Census Department (DADS), State Department (OPAP), and Trilogy (UAC).

 I have also developed concept papers and many white papers for customers and proposed customers on such topics as software design and knowledge management to IT infrastructure for load-balanced websites.



01/2001 – 04/2001 SARAF Software Solutions Falls Church, VA


Director, Information Technology


As the Director of IT for SARAF my primary duties include:

·Establish processes for management of software products throughout the lifecycle

·Work on cross-functional teams for product development

·Provide mentorship for junior members

·Establish goals and objectives for the department

·Establish product release strategy

·Interact with Sales and other disciples to define product requirements

·Translate user feedback into requirements



11/1996 – 12/2000 DynCorp Information Systems, Chantilly, VA

Deputy Program Manager/Engineering

As the DPM/E for the Federal Sources Inc. (FSI) Systems Integration Modernization Project (SIM) I was responsible for all technical aspects of the project.This project included business process reengineering, database modernization, and website improvements including but not limited to CRM, Content Management, eCommerce and customized software. My duties include creating and maintaining the Program Management Plan (an ISO-9001 document) and the Project Plan (an IEEE-12207 document).I was responsible for compiling the functional and design requirements and creating and maintaining the project schedule on MS-Project.I also scheduled and assigned the work assignments for the 5 developers assigned to the project.I was also responsible for providing status reports to the Program Manager on the software development progress.


Software Lead/Applications Developer

As an applications developer, I work on web-based projects in both a team oriented environment and by myself.The following is a brief summary of the projects I am working on and have worked in order of most recent to the oldest.


Satellite Tracking System – Software Lead

This project is an in-house development initiative to create a web-based, real-time mapping and locating application using GSP, receivers, server and client software.I came aboard after the server software was developed and began to oversee the redesign of the Graphical User Interface.


National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS/NIH) – Software Lead and Developer

This project included a complete redesign of the NINDS website along with backend software that allowed the NINDS personnel to continue to maintain the website after our job was complete.During the development of this government website, I supervised and assisted 6 web developers.Development was done primarily using HTML, a scripting language and a Content Management software product called DynaBase from INSO Corp.This software had its own scripting language called Web Basic Script, which is much like Visual Basic Script.


inResponse - Applications Developer/Software Lead

As an applications developer I worked with a small team (two others) to design and program (CGI using Perl, JAVA, Oracle and JDBC) a web-based, database application that managed web-based email for GTE Corp.This product, called inResponse™ was such an overwhelming success for GTE, it was decided to productize the application, redesign and rewrite in 100% Java and market it to medium to large sized companies and government organizations.

As the Software Lead for the development of this retail product, I supervised and assisted six Oracle database and Java programming experts.I work closely with Sales, Marketing, helpdesk, and upper management to define the direction, scope and future features of the product as it matures.I work closely with the Customer Care Unit, current customers, and potential customers to answer questions and listen to feedback on the product for future releases.


·Develop two-tier and three-tier database applications based on the JAVA programming language and servlet technology.Experience installing and using WebLogic’s Tenga Web Application Server.

·Develop a web-based, database application suitable for resell in the commerce market.

·Create a software development environment to facilitate security, accountability and code control.

·Manage the daily tasks of 6 Java programmers and database developers.

·Installed and configured multiple Netscape Enterprise Servers

·Installed and configured several instances of WebLogic’s Tenga three-tier application server.

·Conduct peer code reviews for each developer that works on the inResponse product

·Participate and lead Object Oriented Design and Analysis sessions for the purposes of extending the inResponse product.


10/1990 – 11/1996U.S. Department of Justice, Computer Services Staff, Rockville, MD

Software Engineer/Database Developer

 As a Systems Engineer, I provided technical and managerial support for several software applications. Responsibilities include:

·Create and maintain several Oracle database management systems for customers.Tasks include creating/authorizing users, space/environment management, resource allocation and user-friendly interface development.

·Developed and implemented a dBase for Windows database and GUI Application for tracking customer contacts.

·Install and maintain assigned program products located on the Department’s Mainframe computers.

·Monitor performance of assigned software systems and recommend areas and methods of achieving improvement.


As a Database Developer, I developed and maintained the Database Registration System programs for the Information Processing Interagency Conference for the Council of Federal Data Center Directors.

Responsibilities included:

·Determining critical information required for tracking attendees from pre-registration to post conference billing, including on-site conference support.

·Develop a user friendly, real-time dBase III+ registration application.



01/1996 – 11/1996 Private Consultant, Centreville, VA

Web Page Developer, HTML Programmer

 Worked for a commercial client as a privateconsultant to create and maintain an interesting and dynamic Home Page on the World Wide Web. Responsibilities include:

·Act as technical liaison between management and the Internet Service Provider.

·Develop and publish web page, program HTML using Netscape 3.0 Gold and text editors.


Hardware Design, Database Developer, Applications Programmer

 Worked for a commercial client as a privateconsultant to develop and maintain Fedora Café’s financial management system that automates several previously paper bound, hand-written forms.Responsibilities include:

·Develop solid database structure using Visual dBase for Windows95.

·Design and implement an application with a user-friendly graphical user interface that allows non-computer literate users to input, access and report on data from the database using applications and forms written and designed using Visual dBase.


03/1988 – 08/1989  Department of Public Works, Fairfax County Government

Engineer Technician

 Provide support for computer systems and database management applications. Responsibilities included:

·Develop and maintain several dBase III+ database management applications for varying department functions.

·Interact with managers and customers to determine specific needs for system development.