I practice guitar, I never said I could play.


I love the guitar. I love the challenge. I love the fact that there are technical aspects as well as creative aspects of the guitar. I love that you're never really "done" learning how to play it. It's a lot like developing good software and being a good problem solver. I don't know if I'll ever be an expert at it, but I do know I'll always love playing it.

These are my guitars. The Paul Reed Smith on the left is my favorite. The Fender acoustic is nice but a tad on the cheap side. I hope to get a really, really nice acoustic (like a Martin) someday (when I get good and can justify it). The bass on the right I bought for $80 on Craigslist in the hopes of further challenges but as of yet is just a novelty.   It is now gone one year later.  I just wasn't into it.